LabCorp Pap Test Patient Information Service

As a convenience to you, LabCorp offers a Pap Test Information Service that allows you to check on the status of your Pap specimen.  This system is available online or by calling a toll-free telephone number using a touch-tone phone. 

Please note that online/phone access requires that the patient provide their nine-digit Social Security number to our practice.  

To access the Pap Test Patient Information Service:

1.  Call 888.567.8723 or visit 10 or more business days after your test.

2.  When prompted, please enter your nine-digit Social Security number.

3.  When prompted, please enter your date of birth (online mm/dd/yyyy) (phone mm/dd/yy).

4.  You will be prompted to enter the date your Pap specimen was collected.  Please follow the specific instructions provided for the system you are using.


You have probably heard of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) recently through the media and the importance of having a pap smear performed with HPV testing.

If your pap smear test results show any abnormal cells, further testing may be necessary.  Your physician will order an additional test for the diagnosis of HPV.  The cost of the additional test may go towards your insurance deductible and is approximately $100.  If you have any questions about this additional testing, please ask our medical staff.