LIMITED Visitor Restrictions

Two healthy visitors are allowed to accompany patients at this time.

  • All patient communication should be via FirstHealth MyChart.  Please do NOT use the MY PATIENT link to send any messages to our staff.  

Patients should click here to visit their FirstHealth My Chart account.

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SPWHC is here to provide for the health care needs of women in Moore and surrounding counties.

The 15,000 square-foot center emphasizes comfort and confidentiality – dressed in soothing low-key earth colors and featuring individual work-up rooms where patients can explain symptoms or the reason for their appointment in private.

The facility also provides the latest in technology and a full range of health services conveniently at one site, which keeps costs down and reduces patient's wait times.

Four halls accommodate 14 exam rooms and two procedure rooms, plus six ultrasound machines and laboratory services.

The conference center allows for new innovative projects such as a Well-Woman educational series. Presentations of interest will include such topics as in-office treatments of excessive uterine bleeding, preventive wellness for women of all ages and numerous primary care issues for women; to name a few.

SPWHCs facility, above, offers the latest in comfort and services.

Its spacious living room-style waiting room, provides a relaxed setting that opens up to surrounding woodsy setting.

There's even a fishpond and waterfall that are especially popular with patients' and children alike.

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